Happy Birthday Chelsea! (Part 2)

Amy and I spent a night in Temecula at Chelsea’s parents’ place. Houses in Temecula are gorgeous and so spacious! The neighborhoods there remind me a lot of Irvine just the way the houses are structured. We hung out in the backyard where we enjoyed the view of the mountains and hiking trails while having breakfast. It was nice to relax there with some good company.

After much relaxing, we headed out to Old Town Temecula where there’s a farmers market and a lot of mom and pop shops.
Amy at a random mom & pop shop

Temecula is known for its vineyard and wine tasting but instead of wine tasting, we went olive oil tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company! I was surprised at how flavorful olive oil can be. I was expecting them to taste all the same but they all have different kicks to it. Got myself a bottle of olive oil to take home to make some pasta, pasta salad, or even a panini. I ended up using it to make chicken pasta with the olive oil and it was amazing! I’m getting myself more of it next time or even buy it online at temeculaoliveoil.com
Temecula Olive Oil Company

We were in Old Town Temecula for a few hours. There was some live music which brought the Old Town feel to our experience.
Live Music

Everything is walking distance so we went through the town pretty quickly. We did a lot of window shopping there since there wasn’t much to buy.Literal window shopping
We headed back home after Old Town and that’s when I hung out with Chelsea’s kitties. They’re such cat models, it’s not even funny. They know how to use their cat eyes for a good picture. It’s all in the eyes like Tyra Banks would say.
Cat models

It was a nice day to just hang out with my friends and them kitties. I hope to come back for another relaxing adventure in Temecula! Thanks Chelsea and your mom especially for being so hospitable during my time there!
Mother & daughter!

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