Celebration at BLD

Apoorva, my friend since we were 13 years old, is moving to San Francisco! She is my C-Bean friend aka Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf friend. In other words, because we used to live so close to each other, we would meet up at the closest Coffee Bean to study or to just catch up on life at least every other week. Now, I will no longer have a C-Bean friend as she will find a new Coffee Bean friend who is a real hipster in San Fran!

To say farewell/congratulations on the new job, we went to LA for brunch with a few other old friends. We hit up BLD which is a restaurant filled with cool hipsters in there. Different kind of scenery but I liked it! Food was uber good. I mean, it got 4/5 stars on Yelp with 1400+ reviews! The Yelpers were definitely right about everything. You can’t go wrong with Yelp.

I got the Spanish Scramble that had chorizo, fingerling potatoes, roasted piquillo peppers, paprika, and manchego cheese. This huge plate that I was not able to finish was kind of pricey but almost worth the $15. I was pretty upset that I wasn’t able to finish it because it was so good. That chorizo though…I don’t know how to describe it. It was a tad bit salty the more you had it, but it was flavorful because of the seasoning.
Spanish Scramble

I’m glad I was able to eat this good food at a hipster place with my hipster friend who’s moving to a hipster town!

Me and Apoorva

aka Harold and Kumar

Apoorva, I’m glad we got the chance to hang out before your last day! I’m so happy and excited for this new chapter in your life! You definitely deserve this after all the hard work and many hours spent at Coffee Bean! I can’t wait to hear your stories! See you soon!

L to R: Derek, Jerry, Me, Apoorva, Apoorva’s Cousin, Aaron.

I must say thank you, Aaron, for taking us to BLD! Great pick! I definitely want to come back here! Thanks also for letting me post this picture up! #nofilter

One comment

  1. Thank you Harold for such a lovely post. Honored to be in your blog!

    We had too many good times at cbean! A cbean friend can never be replaced. Come visit me in sf. we can be hipster and run to the closest cbean 🙂 like good ol times.


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