Pumpkin Patch

The fall season and the festivity of this month made me want to check out a corn maze. So I did some research but found nothing too exciting in Orange County going on with corn mazes. I ended up finding that Cal Poly Pomona has a crazy annual corn maze and pumpkin patch. The school has agricultural studies so they have a huge plot of land for farming and all that fun stuff. Perfect for this time of the season!

The view before entering the pumpkin patch at Cal Poly Pomona.

The view before entering the pumpkin patch at Cal Poly Pomona.

We went for the food first when we got to the patch. The pork sandwich was $9 and the pulled pork fries were $9 also.
Pork sandwich.

They were both SO GOOD. Pulled pork fries were something new to me and would love to try it again! I’d say it was worth the $9.
Pulled pork fries.

After sharing all that good pork sandwich and fries, we had to walk it off to the pumpkin patch. Right when you enter the field of pumpkins, there’s a side of tall sunflowers just standing there so brightly! They were probably at least 5.5 feet tall!I’ve never seen them so tall before!
Sunflowers at the pumpkin patch.

Whether you found a baby sized pumpkin or a 20 pound pumpkin in the field, it was $5! It was such a good deal especially if you found a huge one.
Jo advertising her pumpkin.

There were so many families out there who brought wagons and carts to put their 10 pumpkins in! If a family had a stroller, they would put the pumpkin in the stroller and carry their baby. Just like in the picture below…(I was trying to act like I was taking a picture of the field but I was really trying to take a picture of the guy and his two pumpkins in the stroller.) As you can see, the guy replaced the baby with 2 pumpkins! #Pumpkinpatchgonewrong
Pumpkin > Baby

Phil, Josephine, and I walked around the whole field trying to find the one. It was definitely hard because there were so many!
Josephine and I with our pumpkins!

So we ended up not buying any pumpkins because we didn’t have a wagon to hold our pumpkins nor did we want to carry a 5-10 pound pumpkin in the heat back to our car. Though we didn’t buy any, it was still fun to just walk around and look at all the different shaped pumpkins out there.
Jo, Phil, & Pumpkins.

Because the field was so big, we spent at least a good hour in the heat just hanging out in the field.
Where is Jo?

The main purpose of the pumpkin patch was actually to check out the corn maze but we were pretty exhausted from walking around in the heat. So we just went in front of the corn maze just to see how it looked like.
Corn Maze.

I was so surprised at the height of the corn stalks! It looked like a legitimate corn maze! It was just a few bucks to go through the maze. Apparently it’s supposed to take either 15 minutes or 30 minutes to complete it.
Jo secretly getting out of a corn maze.

Definitely next year, I’ll be checking out the corn maze. As for the pumpkin patch, I’ll know better next year to bring a stroller. I mean, not a stroller. I don’t have a kid and I won’t have a kid next year. But to bring those little kid’s red wagon so I can actually buy a pumpkin or two or five…

Thanks Josephine and Phil for joining me in my first pumpkin patch! Glad we got to eat, walk, and have fun in the sun!

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