KT Tunstall

Friday night, Derek and I went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for KT Tunstall’s show. Yeah, it was weird that the show was at a cemetery but apparently the lodge there holds a lot of shows. It was definitely a different kind of venue I’ve ever experienced before especially with the gothic feel to it.

Brian Lopez from Arizona opened up for KT Tunstall’s show. He really set the mood for the show in a good way. His sense of style in music was calming and soothing to listen to. There was a slight taste of Spanish to his music which he did end up performing a song in Spanish. I have no idea what he was singing, but it was beautiful. Beautiful voice and music. Beautiful way to start the show. Check his music out on BrianLopezMusic.com

I have to tell you that KT Tunstall’s performance was far more than I expected. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be THAT GOOD. It was a one man’s band. Just her and her guitars. She did a lot of looping where she would record a beat on stage and then the beat would loop throughout the whole song as she sang her song and played the guitar. I’ve never seen a looper be used on stage. It was cool to see that in action!

Seriously, her show was so good because she is so talented vocally and musically. She has this light crispy and airy voice which makes her unique compared to other artists. Her falsettos are so clear and strong with such control to it. Goodness, her voice is amazing on my iPod but even better live!

She played two of my favorite songs. One was “Other Side of the World”. This song gave me the chills because she seemed so honest as she was singing it. The second song was “Suddenly I See”.  When the show was coming to an end, she still had not performed this song. I was thinking to myself, “Really, KT? You’re not going to sing Suddenly I See? It’s one of your most popular songs!” Of course, somehow out of the blue, she started strumming this song. Oh man, that’s when Derek and I busted out our phones to record the performance.  It was cool how she did the looper for this song by getting the audience involved. Check out Derek’s recording of Suddenly I See:

This song has been one of my top favorite songs to sing from the top of my lungs with my friends since high school. This song was such a big deal that my friends and I did a dance to this song our senior year of high school for our Dance Ensemble Show. Good times Andrea and Caitlin! I still like to listen to this song on repeat. No shame!

If KT Tunstall is in town anytime soon or next year, I am definitely going to her show again. It was worth the drive in traffic from OC to LA and my $36 to see her perform live.

Thanks Derek for the invite to KT Tunstall’s show! Glad you recorded that video because it definitely turned out better on your Samsung Galaxy S3 than on my iPhone 4!

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