Eat Chow & Sprinkles Ice Cream

Christian was in town for the summer so as usual for our hang out, we had to have a food adventure! We went to Eat Chow in Newport Beach for dinner. FYI. Parking is kind of a bust. You have to park in the neighborhood. Eat Chow is a small, hip, homie kind of a restaurant with great customer service.
Eat Chow

As we were waiting to get seated, other customers were waiting next to us and apparently they go to Eat Chow several times a month because it’s that good. They suggested that we try everything because you can’t go wrong with anything. And you know what? They were right! Everything at Eat Chow was honestly really good!

We started out with the Truffle Parmesan Fries. They were addicting!
Truffle Parmesan Fries

Then we split the Truffle Mac “N” Cheese that had pieces of bacon.
Truffle Mac N Cheese

And! We split the The Chow burger with a side salad. Visually, it didn’t seem like enough food since we were splitting everything but we ended up being stuffed! Everything was honestly good and I wouldn’t mind getting the same exact thing the next time I come here.
The Chow Burger

The total for the fries, Mac N Cheese, and the burger came out to be $25. So for all that good food to split in half, $25 isn’t too bad.

For dessert, we headed over to Sprinkles for some ice cream. I actually got some cupcakes to take home. Then rushed over to the ice cream line before the line got super long. We probably stood in line for about 30 minutes for ice cream. I got a waffle cone with vanilla ice cream and red velvet cupcake crumbs for $3.75.
Sprinkles Ice Cream

I think the ice cream was a little overrated. Nothing too special about it. I probably could have made it myself by getting some Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream and red velvet cupcake all from the grocery store. Done! Sprinkles Ice Cream, you were a little too expensive and not too exciting as I wanted you to be. Sorry, there probably won’t be a next time with you.

Thanks Christian for a full on carbs and sugar filled night!

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