Tender Greens

After I got back from Boston, I felt like I had to get some healthy food in me. So I went over to Tender Greens for lunch. It wasn’t 100% healthy but I’d say that it was healthier than any usual lunch. I got a BBQ Chicken Sandwich with a side salad. The sandwich and salad were freshly made in front of me. The sandwich was juicy and not so heavy on the grease at all. They gave me more than enough salad to fill me up.

Tender Greens

I also got their refreshing Acqua Fresca which is a strawberry and pineapple drink. I was hesitant about getting it because of the pineapple part since I’m not a huge fan of pineapple. But I definitely didn’t regret getting the drink because you could barely taste the pineapple and it was just really refreshing.

Tender Greens is a little more on the pricier end because of its quality. I paid about $15 for my whole meal but it was all darn worth it. I suggest everyone checking this out at Irvine Spectrum when they get the chance. I’m planning to go to Tender Greens again sometime soon!

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