Blackmarket Bakery

When I got back from Boston, I had to meet up with Briana to celebrate her acceptance to pharmacy school! Yay, Briana! Praise the Lord!

We celebrated at Blacketmarket Bakery located in the hipster area of Costa Mesa, The Camp. There we tried out some fancy sweets. We shared two of their popular desserts,the Black Widow Tart and  the Basque Berry.
Black Market Sweets

Black Widow Tart. Dark Chocolate Ganache over caramel in a chocolate tart shell. If you like heavy chocolate, then this is the way to go.
Black Widow Tart

Basque Berry. Raspberries and lemon curd under a rich batter, topped with sliced almonds. This has a light tangy flavor to it.
Basque Berry

According to Briana, it’s weird to switch from the Basque Berry to the Black Widow Tart. I actually tried the Black Widow Tart first and then went over to the Basque Berry. I’d have to say it’s better to switch from sweet to tangy.

For two of these tarts, they were a little less than $10. Would I come back here again? Eh, probably not. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it again. It’s an a-ok bakery just because of what we tried didn’t stand out too much. They were just simply ok good.

While we were eating some sweets, I gave her some sweets from Boston! There’s actually not a lot of souvenirs to buy in Boston. So I ended up just getting her a baby penguin chocolate from a fancy popular chocolate shop called La Burdick.
Bri & Baby Penguin

Congratulations on pharmacy school, Briana! So proud of you!


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