Last Day in Boston

I only had several hours to hang out in Boston before taking off. So I had to hit up my favorite places in Boston rather than checking out new ones. I just had to go back to Gourmet Dumpling House for lunch. We basically ordered the same exact thing as last time. It was still as good as it was the first time I had it.
Gourmet Dumpling House

Next to Gourmet Dumpling House was this store that we saw and I had to take a picture of it…
Caged Chicken
Interesting, huh?

Anyway. We walked a few blocks down to get an icy drink from Thinking Cup. I got my usual iced hazelnut latte with a chocolate macaroon. With our little post-lunch sweets, we headed to the park across the street where they were having a concert. Sat on a shady bench and just enjoyed the breeze and live music.
Coffee & Concert

I left Boston on a perfect time only because the next day, it ended up raining! Thank you God for ending my trip in Boston with perfect weather and perfect company! Thank you Anna for feeding me, providing shelter, showing me around, and for all the good times!

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