Beauties of Cambridge

Second day of Boston was still hot and humid, but it was all worth it as I was able to venture out and see more of what defines Boston. Anywhere you go in Boston, you’re bound to bump into some sort of historical platform.

As I was on my way to check out Harvard and MIT, I saw this:

Reflection Pool

Reflection Pool

The building to the far left is the Christian Science Church, then to the right of it is a school and corporate offices. The water in front was created by the Christian Science Church. It’s called the Reflection Pool, literally because you can see the reflection of the buildings. When you see the Reflection Pool, you become overwhelmed by its beauty of simplicity and art.

Anna suggested that I check out Flour Bakery and Cafe for lunch since it was near MIT. There, I had a refreshing and very filling roast chicken sandwich with mashed avocado and jicama.

Lunch at Flour Bakery and cafe

Lunch at Flour Bakery and cafe

After lunch, I walked over to MIT where it had a contemporary look to it. There were some unique designs of the buildings on campus.

Perhaps, MIT's amphitheater.

Perhaps, MIT’s amphitheater.

I found a hidden garden on a rooftop of a parking structure near MIT. It was definitely a secret little area.

MIT's Rooftop Garden.

MIT’s Rooftop Garden.

I hopped onto a bus and headed over to Harvard. When I got there, their graduation ceremony had just ended! So there were a bunch of empty chairs all over campus. I saw some graduates there and wanted to give them a hug to congratulate them. I was proud of every Harvard graduate I saw though I had no idea who they were.

Harvard Undergraduate Post-Ceremony

Harvard Undergraduate Post-Ceremony

The campus is extremely small. You could probably walk across the campus in about 7 minutes. Though it’s small, the campus is so beautiful because of its architecture but mainly because of its history. The brick buildings and that library of theirs. Oh geez. It’s intimidating but so monumental.

Harvard's Library. You need a student ID card to enter the library!

Harvard’s Library. You need a student ID card to enter the library!

I wasn’t at Harvard too long just because there was actually not much to look at since the campus is small. So I walked around Harvard Square which is a few blocks of stores and places to eat. For dinner, Anna and I went over to Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. It’s a gastropub that has a neat layout of the restaurant. It’s a packed two story restaurant with a patio for people to eat outside. I got the bacon cheeseburger and was more than satisfied with it.

Bacon cheeseburger at Russell House Tavern.

Bacon cheeseburger at Russell House Tavern.

I was stuffed from the burger that we had to walk it out. So we just walked around Harvard Square and watched some street entertainment.

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