Spring Symphony Orchestra Concert

Wow, I can’t believe a semester of music classes went by in a blink of an eye! I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for surviving IVC Orchestra. The many hours of practicing throughout the week to prepare for potential pop quizzes of playing in front of the whole orchestra and of course to prepare for the concert was all worth it! Sorry neighbors for playing late at night…

The concert started with a piece by Don Giovanni called Overture. It began with heavy emotion but grew to be more awakening and upbeat. I was definitely challenged by this piece because of the technique and tempo involved. Oh man, I had a love-hate relationship with this piece. When it comes down to it, I’m really thankful to have played this piece.

Another piece that was performed at the concert was Romance, Op 85 composed by Max Bruch. Prior to hearing this piece, I was indifferent about the viola. I was actually not too fond of it because it was almost a hybrid of two different instruments. It was almost the sound of a cello in a violin form. But performing this piece actually changed my opinion of the viola greatly. The spotlight of this piece was heavily on a viola solo. Because of the soloist’s graceful performance, I now have a huge respect for the viola instrument. I’ve never heard the viola played in this manner until this piece. The whole orchestra performed throughout the piece, but in the YouTube video below, it’s primarily focused on just the soloist. The YouTube video will help you understand the beauty of this instrument:

We played several student pieces that really blew my mind. Ever since I joined the orchestra, I was always in awe of the students who composed their own music. Where did they find such creativity?

We ended the concert with Paul Simon Medley by Paul Simon which brought us back to the past. Within the medley was one of the most popular songs, Mrs. Robinson. In addition to that, there was Bridge OVer Troubled Waters, The 59th Street Bridge Song, and The Song Of Silence. Performing this medley was a great way to conclude the concert leaving the audience with a smile on their face.

My experience joining IVC Orchestra has definitely been a memorable one. I’m so glad to have put myself out there and use the other side of my brain to play some good music. Gabriel, my music stand partner, has made my journey back into music less intimidating but more fun than expected. Thanks Gabriel for your encouragement and for being a comedian in class!
Gabriel and I.

Thank you to Dasom and Kat for surprising me at the concert!

L to R: Dasom, Tina, Kat

L to R: Dasom, Tina, Kat

If you haven’t played the violin or any other instrument for 7 years and you want to get back into it, then I encourage to really go for it! It may seem daunting to get back into music, but your muscle memory will hopefully still be there. The challenges you face will all pay off after more than enough practice.

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