Casey’s Cupcakes Again

I went to Casey’s again for the second time. I’d like to say that my first experience with Casey’s in Newport Beach was actually quite positive. I remember thinking it was better than Sprinkles. The frosting wasn’t too heavy though the texture was thick. Overall great experience the first time.

I have to say now that my thoughts on Casey has changed, unfortunately. I was excited to get some dessert with my sisters at Casey’s Cupcake. This time, I went to a newer Casey’s Cupcakes located at Irvine Spectrum. My sisters and I got a classic red velvet, mint oreo, and cappuccino.

Casey's Cupcake

Presentation was great though the picture doesn’t do justice. But, the presentation was quite deceiving. What ruined my cupcake experience with Casey was that the cake itself was quite dry. The texture felt as if the cupcake was out on display for some time. Maybe because I bought the cupcake later at night, the quality of it wasn’t at par like before. But then again, the last time I tried Casey’s it was at night also and it was still good. Perhaps, Casey’s Cupcakes at Irvine Spectrum isn’t as good as the one in Fashion Island.

Who knows why those 3 cupcakes my sisters and I shared weren’t as good as before. But I don’t think I can give Casey another chance. Sorry, Casey I can’t spend three something dollars on you. Maybe next, next, next time.

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