Picnic at the Lake

I’ve known Jasmine since elementary school! I remember we were in the same 5th grade class together. We would call each other to figure out the POW aka Problem of the Week assignments. Oh man, those problems were so difficult. I thank God that Jasmine was a phone call away to help me out with those POW! We went to the same school until the end of high school. After high school, you know life happened. Then after college, more life happened. So we didn’t talk for quite some time until that one Christmas party!

Since then, we’ve hung out a few times. We recently decided to be cute and have a picnic at the Woodbridge Lake. I brought cheese and crackers and Jasmine brought some iced tea! We couldn’t get any more cute than that.
Tea and crackers

We had a great view of the lake as we were just catching up. We laughed about our childhood and talked a lot about life. We’re at that time in life you know where career and all that serious stuff becomes a reality. Though it sounds a little daunting talking about this serious stuff, I’m excited for Jasmine as she’s graduating very soon with a masters to become a teacher! Go Jasmine!

I have to say that Jasmine is one artsy photographer. I told her to take some cool hipster pictures for me. She surely did a good job! Thanks Jasmine!
Woodbridge Lake

Jasmine, I had a lot of fun with you just chilling for hours at the lake! Can’t wait for another cute hang out!
Me and Jasmine!

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