My Hipster Day

Nicole and I visited Julie in Burbank since she just moved there for work. By the way, Julie works for one of the coolest places, Disney! What, what? Yup, she works there. Julie took us to a cute outdoor restaurant for lunch called Alcove. I’d compare this place to a nicer and hipster form of Corner Bakery. Great food and great environment.

Julie and I shared a huge bowl of the grilled vegetable salad and the turkey pesto panino. One bowl of salad can feed at least two people. It was definitely more than enough for the two of us. Luckily, Nicole was there to help us out.
Grilled Vegetable Salad.

The turkey pesto panino was everything I expected it to be. I loved the crispy bread, the melted cheese, and the thick layers of turkey. Everything about the panini was perfect.
Turkey Pesto Panino

Nicole got the Americano Panino that had eggs, bacon and American cheese. Also, a side of potatoes. She had one big breakfast sandwich for lunch.
Americano Panino

The weather, food, friends, and ambiance made the experience at Alcove definitely memorable.
Julie & Nicole at Alcove.

We had to get some kind of dessert after lunch so we headed to Silver Lake. The land of hipsters in Los Angeles. Silver Lake is a place of art, uniqueness, and hipster-ness. We went to Pazzo Gelato for you know, some gelato!
Pazzo Gelatto

It’s a tiny gelatto shop with all sorts of flavors that can’t go wrong.
Nicole & Julie at Pazzo Gelatto

I got half almond & fig and half Madagascar chocolate. And it did not disappoint me whatsoever. I just wish I had gotten one size up but gelatos are usually kind of pricey as is for what little they give you.
My gellato

Once we inhaled all that gelato, we walked around the area. There were quite a few high end consignment stores for clothes, comic books, and other old school goods. It was fun to window shop and experience a different culture in Silver Lake.
Silver Lake

As we were leaving the area, I saw this cute little seating right outside of a cafe. The colors and the plants hovering over the seating arrangement just made the place standout from afar. It was a picture moment right when I saw it.
Casbah Cafe

Thank you Julie for taking me and Nicole around your new hood! It was nice for the three of us to hang out together. It’s been awhile since we had a Filipino reunion. Wait, I’m not Filipino. But I felt like I was that day. Thanks for all the fun!
Me being hipster.

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