Fusion Tea Bar

Fusion Tea Bar has confirmed even more that I like milk tea a lot! When I was a kid, I liked those slushy boba drinks a lot. I would only get those slushy drinks because as a kid who wouldn’t want a slushy drink? Naw mean? Then later in life at some point, I was against boba. It was just too much sugar for me. For about 6 to 8 years I didn’t drink boba at all whatsoever. Then through social media, I got into it really recently. As recent as this year. Ever since I saw the Fung Brothers and their music videos on boba and going to San Gabriel Valley, I had more respect for boba drinks.
Fusion Tea Bar

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for some good milk tea. I heard about Fusion Tea Bar from a few friends who really liked the place a lot. It’s in Tustin, California. Right in that plaza with Gen the Korean BBQ restaurant, Souplantation and the hipster coffee shop, Kean Coffee. They’re fairly new. They opened in November of last year.
Fusion Tea Bar Inside.

I got their honey green milk tea with mini boba. Mini! It was my first time ever trying mini boba. The honey green milk tea was good. Not too bland or too sweet. Just at the right level. Customer service was beyond great. The manager really cared about our experience there.
Honey Green Milk Tea

As Fusion Tea Bar was closing up, my friends and I were the last ones there. Though they were cleaning up, they encouraged us to stay longer. They really didn’t mind us staying past their closing time. So my friends and I were there until 11:30ish at night. As we were about to leave, the manager asked us about our drinks. One of my friends was honest and said he didn’t like his drink because it wasn’t sweet enough. Right then and there, the manager insisted several times that he could give him a new drink and make it sweeter. But my friend kept saying no because it was late at night and the tea would keep him awake. The manager said that in general they could at anytime make adjustments to our drinks for free! So he said next time to tell the boba makers to make it sweeter.
Briana and Honey Green Milk Tea

I really liked Fusion Tea Bar the first time that I went there again the next day. The customer service and the drinks were still great!

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