Orange County Symphony

A few of my friends and I went to go see Connie perform with the Orange County Symphony at the Servite Theater Auditorium.
Orange County Symphony

When it comes to music, it’s an experience where you really have to be there to understand the beauty of it. The first piece played was the Piano Concerto in G Major by Maurice Ravel with a guest pianist, Minji Noh. If you’re not familiar with this piece, check out the YouTube video below:

I love seeing the pianist move her hands so quickly and easily. I’m always in awe of the pianist’s ability to move so freely yet so beautifully. Their talent is almost unbelievable. Another piece the symphony performed was Carmen Suites Nos 1 and 2 by Georges Bizet. This is a classic song that I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with even if they don’t listen to classical music.

This was my first attendance to a concert performed by the Orange County Symphony. I was thoroughly entertained and impressed by their performance. I plan to go to their next one just because I find great appreciation in classical music. Great job, Connie!
Orange County Symphony

By the way readers, the musicians in the YouTube videos provided in this post are not from the Orange County Symphony. Just had to clarify that.

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