W + L = Engaged!

Congratulations to Weiping and Larry on their engagement! I was very much honored to take pictures of Larry’s proposal to Wei Ping. It was no doubt nerve wrecking to take pictures since it was my first time taking pictures of any sort of important occasion. The special proposal took place at Kean Coffee which was where they first met. I was there as a paparazzi to secretly take pictures of the proposal. The guy in the red shirt to the right probably thought I was checking him out. I kept looking his way later in the night because he sat near Wei Ping and Larry. He kept looking at me. It got a little uncomfortable as I sat at the table by myself.

When I was cued to start taking pictures, I quickly went to the proposal spot. I had to stay focused because I just wanted to watch the whole proposal rather than taking pictures. It was a very magical moment!

Of course, she said yes! Afterwards, we went over to the Yang’s house to celebrate. There, the newly engaged couple shared how they met. They had a lot of memorable stories to share that were all worth listening to. What a great couple they are! I’m excited for what’s in stored in the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations to Weiping and Larry!

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