Sidecar Doughnuts

Yes! Finally got the chance to try some hipster doughnuts with Chelsea and Eric! You don’t understand, I’ve been wanting to try some Sidecar doughnuts since the beginning of the year. I believe they had a soft opening earlier in the year just to see if people would like their doughnuts. I think it went really well. I mean, there was already a Yelp review on them right after the soft opening. If you check out their website, you’ll see that their doughnuts look really good! They don’t look like your ordinary donuts from those pink boxes.

So the three of us met up at Keans Coffee (hipster coffee place) in Newport Beach where Sidecar said that they would sell only 400 of their donuts. We were worried that the line would be crazy, but it was actually not that bad at all. I think Sidecar is still on the quiet side. So, please spread the word about them! There was a lady with a sample tray of huckleberry donuts. After trying a sample, I had to get one and everything else they had available.

They had the huckleberry, coffee, and cinnamon donuts. They’re expensive compared to your usual hole in the wall doughnut shops. The quality is different though. So you eat what you pay for which is about $3 per donut. Like Eric said, the donuts are on the cakey side. They’re thicker than usual.

The cinnamon was another winner just like the huckleberry. The bread was cinnamon and there was cinnamon on top of the frosting. Though it seems like too much cinnamon, it actually wasn’t too strong or too light. There was a good amount of cinnamon flavor when I took a bite of it. All of the doughnuts are recommended to try if you’re willing to spend about $3-4 for each doughnut.
Cinnamon Doughnut

What I like about Sidecar Doughnut is that they use fruits that are in season. So you know that the doughnuts aren’t just your everyday doughnuts. There’s character and flavor to them. Similar to the concept at Sprinkles Cupcake, the doughnut menu either changes on a daily or weekly basis. They only make a certain amount of batches for the day. So you need to get them before they’re out!

Look out for these doughnuts at Kean Coffee as they do sell them there now. Of course, look out for them for their grand opening! Can’t wait to try more of their doughnuts. Thanks Chelsea and Eric for stopping by Orange County to try some fancy doughnuts!

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