Coffee Time with Julie

The last few times Julie and I have been hanging out, we’ve been hitting up new coffee spots. The first one that we went to was the hipster Portola Coffee Lab. This is located right off the 405N, a little past South Coast Plaza. SoCo, the name of the plaza where PCL is located, mainly has furniture stores there. But somehow, there’s a random hidden spot of hipster-land. There are some cute little boutiques, cafes, and hang out spots for hipsters.

So we got coffee kind of late, around 5 or 6PM which was a horrible idea. Never again. I can’t remember what we both got, but you could really taste the quality of the coffee and the flavor too. At first, my coffee just tasted like any other coffee. But once I tried Julie’s, I was able to taste the difference. You just have to sip and be pensive for a moment. Then the taste will just hit you and you’ll realize, “Oh got it. That’s what it is.” I don’t ever drink black coffee because it’s just too strong. So I added some sugar. I added a little too much actually. I ended up not being able to sleep until 3 or 4AM. I think the next day, I was just wide awake at work. The caffeine probably did not leave me for a few days.

I think people like Portola Coffee Lab because of its hipster environment, unique way of making coffee in a scientific procedure, and probably because it tastes good for coffee addicts.

I actually don’t ever really drink coffee. I drink lattes. They’re different. But anyway. After our hang out, we went over to her place and watched 500 Days of Summer. Good movie. Ugh Tom…but that Summer…


For our next coffee adventure, I suggested we hit up Coffee Code in Buena Park. I’ve been meaning to go there since last year. No joke! So it worked out perfectly that I was going to Coffee Code with a coffee person, Julie. If you don’t know anything about Buena Park, well then let me share a little something something with you. Buena Park is known for Knott’s Berry Farm but also Korean people. There’s a ton of Korean restaurants, stores, and anything else related to Korean, it’s most likely there.

We walked into Coffee Code and they said hi to us in Korean. It really threw me off. They just knew that I was Korean. They just knew… I got Eiskaffe which was a double shot of expresso and two scoops of ice cream. I only asked for one shot because I didn’t want to get all caffeinated like last time. What they did was put in the two scoops of ice cream and poured the expresso on top of the ice cream. It was an unusual concept at first but I ended up really liking the vanilla ice cream covered in expresso. It obviously turned into coffee ice cream.
Coffee Code 001

We shared a parfait that was colorfully layered in fruity pebbles. The yogurt had a different texture than the usual yogurt/parfait taste where it’s suppose to be thick. The parfait here was liquidy or soft like ice cream.
Coffee Code 007

I wouldn’t mind going back to Coffee Code again for another drink. Next time, I want to try the sweet potato latte. Downside about Coffee Code is that it may be a tad bit expensive by a few bucks than typical coffee places. For two coffee drinks and a parfait, we paid a total of about $20. It’s definitely a great place to check out for some coffee and sweets.

Thanks Julie for checking out Coffee Code with me! Glad we went there together!

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