Antique Row in Pomona

In Pomona, there’s an area called Antique Row where there’s a few blocks of antique shops. I went there with Esther and Michelle to check out what it was all about. Antique Row is a quiet and bare place to hang out. The stores definitely have all sorts of antiques ranging from clothes to beer cans. Going to all the stores made me feel like I was walking down memory lane.

In the middle of our window shopping, we were getting hungry. We Yelped a place and it suggested that we go to Cassie’s Soul Food. It got 4.5 stars with 92 reviews. It wasn’t a far walk at all to get to Cassie’s. It was within the same general area. We waited for quite some time to get our food because there were only two people working, Cassie and another cook. The food was probably not worth 4.5 stars. I would have to say it was more like 3.5-4 stars. Esther got the Catfish Po Boy sandwich and I got the Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich. It’s not your typical sandwich where you pick it up with your hands. You have to eat everything without really picking up the actual sandwich. Everything was too big and messy to pick up with your hands. So we had to eat it a piece at a time. Michelle got some wings with mac and cheese on the side. The food definitely had a southern soul food taste with everything being deep fried. You can’t go without deep fried food when it comes to southern meals.

There were some cool artworks on the buildings by the main parking lot. Great place for some hipster pictures.

We didn’t buy anything from any of the stores. Just spent money on food. We weren’t too comfortable enough to spend money on something old and dusty. At the end of our antique shopping experience, we were all pretty pooped out. Walking around and looking at a bunch of stuff can be tiring. From this experience, I learned that it’s ok to hoard. It’s ok…

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