Post Christmas Party

A few friends from high school hosted a post Christmas party. We all had some good homemade food and definitely all of us had fun.

Three of the guys who were the main planners of the party, sang some traditional Christmas songs such as Feliz Navidad. Though Santa was out of season, it was still nice to hear some live holiday music in the house.

There was a game that the parents and their kids (not little kids but you know, kids our age in their 20’s) played at the party. The game host shared a fact to the parents about one of the kids. Then all the parents had to guess by pointing at which fact belonged to which kid. For example the host said, “Someone here is a fashion blogger. Guess who!” Then all the parents would point to whoever they thought was the fashion blogger. In this case, it was Jasmine Hwang! It was pretty entertaining to see the parents get involved in this game.

Afterwards, the parents left and we did a junk white elephant gift exchange. I’ve never done a junk gift exchange before so I was really excited about this. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find some junk from my house but luckily, I was able to thanks to my sister! My sister got some random gifts for her birthday awhile ago. They were definitely random. She got an anime poster and this glass fish that can be used as a decor/book end/paper weight/whatever. After she showed me those two things, I said to her, “I’m definitely taking those!”

There were some good junky gifts out there. One girl got a pair of size 11 men’s sneakers. One person got a cornbread mix. Another person got a ginormous remote control (no exaggeration).

When it was my good old friend Apoorva’s turn, she ended up picking up my gift. I should have warned her ahead of time to not take my gift but I completely forgot to tell her. As she was unwrapping my gift, everyone was getting all excited. Everyone said “Oohhhh…” as she was opening it. Then once everyone found out what she got, they all started laughing out loud. I felt bad that she picked up my gift but it was really funny. At some point, someone stole her gift luckily. Then. It was Derek’s turn which he ended up asking one of his friends to pick out a gift for him. Bad idea yet so clever. Guess what his friend decided to pick up for Derek? My junk gift! His friend steals the anime poster and the glass fish for him!

Derek definitely had a priceless expression. You could see that he was really happy about it. What I like about the picture is the person holding the poster in the background. Oh boy…was that really funny. I texted my sister the picture because of the gifts. She simply responded “lol”. This was definitely an “lol” moment.


When it was finally my turn, I knew what I was going to get. I stole a bag from Apoorva that had look books from Guess, the clothing company, and some nice padfolios that I was excited to use.

That night was a lot of fun just laughing and catching up with some old friends.

Before ending this post, here’s a collage of the night. I recently got into collaging. They’re surprisingly fun to put together! Enjoy!

Thank you friends for a good time!


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