The Fat Cow at The Grove

Christian recently got back from the east coast so it was time for me, Briana, Mark and Christian to reunite. Unfortunately, Briana wasn’t able to join us due to prior engagement. Whenever the four of us hang out though, we like to experience new places or go to our traditional spots.

Somehow for this recent hangout, we weren’t able to figure out where to go. Christian thought about Orange County but I felt that I’ve conquered OC to the point where I haven’t found anything newly exciting just yet. So I suggested LA since there’s always something to do there.

We decided to go to a traditional spot, The Grove. Before Christian moved to the east coast, The Grove was actually the last time we all hung out.

Something new we found at The Grove was Sprinkles! Right by the parking structure is a quick mini Sprinkles stop. You stand in line outside and order right at the window! It was pretty convenient to have it right there by the structure just so that everyone is bound to see the little cupcake shop.

FYI. Follow Sprinkles on Twitter! They have special secret word of the day on Twitter. If you say the word at Sprinkles, they’ll give you a free cupcake! There’s a catch to it, of course. It’s only if the first 25-50 people say it. Be on the look out!


It’s always a magical night at The Grove. They still had the holiday decorations up, Christmas music playing, and snow too! Ok, it was more like bubbles rather than snow. But still. It was fun walking around in holiday spirit even after Christmas.

After shopping around, we came to a conclusion at 9PM to eat at The Fat Cow which is owned by Chef Gordon Ramsay. We sat out in the cold just so we could have a nice view of the fountain and look cool. Just kidding about looking cool. But we did sit outside in the cold. Luckily, I was sitting by the heated lamp.

The food was a-ok. It’s not a place where I have to go back to. I’m a simple person so I just ordered a Fat Cow Cheeseburger. Nothing special about it. A little dry but it’s because I got it well done. Food was overly priced for its quality. We each probably spent about $17-$25 on our meal. I wouldn’t suggest anyone going there unless you have the time and money. It’s just overly priced because you’re at The Grove and the restaurant is owned by a famous chef.


We probably should have Yelped before going there but we wanted to try a new spot. According to Yelp, The Fat Cow got 3 out of 5 stars with 194 reviews. I’m not surprised with its 3 stars. The restaurant actually reminds me of Umami Burger with its stamp on the buns and its overly priced burgers.

After trying a new burger place like The Fat Cow, I always come to a conclusion that nothing ever, EVER, beats In-N-Out.

I’m glad the three of us were able to hang out! It was good catching up with you both! Briana, wish you were there but it’s ok, you saved $20 for food.

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