Trader Joe’s

Before meeting up with Dasom, I bought some snacks to munch on while we had a little catch up session. I went over to Trader Joe’s and headed for some chocolate chip cookies. Then on my way to the register, I saw some waffle cookies. I thought to myself, “I don’t think I’ve had these since I went to Europe a year ago!’ So I had to pick up a box of the waffles.

Finally, I got to the register. As I was standing in line, the customer in front of me asked the cashier if the coconut cookies were good. Cashier grabbed a bag of the coconut cookies by a nearby stand, opened the bag, and handed the bag to the customer to try one. Customer fell in love with the cookie and purchases it.

Cashier offered me a cookie and of course, I said yes because I love cookies. I too fell in love with the coconut cookie which was kind of a big deal. I’m not a fan of coconut at all. Anyways, I fell in love and picked one up from the stand.

Customer behind me was surprised that I picked up a bag. He responds, “Wow, it’s that great. Huh?” I encouraged him to try one since it was so good. He said it reminded him of the Girl’s Scout cookies, caramel delight. As he was done eating the cookie, I was leaving the store. Unfortunately, I don’t know if he bought a bag of it or not. I will never know…

The point of the story is that those cookies were pretty darn good. You can barely taste the coconut. Another point to mention is that Trader Joe’s is quite clever at how they market their products and how they provide their service. Having innocent cookies for a few bucks just stand there by the register was convenient and so enticing. On top of that, having the cashier easily open a bag of those cookies was just even better. How could you not fall for their marketing tactics after all that?


One last thing to mention about Trader Joe’s. The chocolate chip cookies were good! It was almost as if a grandma had made those cookies with love. It would have been better if they were fresh or microwaved for 10 seconds so to that they’re warm.

By the way, next to Trader Joe’s was Starbucks where I was meeting Dasom. I wanted a cold drink on a cold day for some odd reason. I wanted some kind of chai latte. I asked what was good and the barista suggested an iced green vegetable latte. Ok, it wasn’t a vegetable drink. But. That’s what it tasted like. I can’t remember what it was called but perhaps it’s better to not remember what it was called.

Note to everyone: Do not get the iced vegetable drink at Starbucks.

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