Casey’s Cupcakes

At Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California there’s a fairly new cupcake shop that I have to say may be more favorable than Sprinkles Cupcakes. The layout of Casey’s Cupcakes has an old school 50’s flair with pink as its main themed color. Every single cupcake on display easily makes your mouth water.

After long contemplation on which cupcake to get, I decided to get the Peanut Butter Pizazz for $3.50. One of the main reasons why I think Casey’s Cupcakes is better than Sprinkles is because it’s not so sweet to the point where you feel like you’re getting a cavity. Though Casey’s frosting looks over the top, it’s actually not that thick and heavy. It’s not heavy enough to get sick of it easily. There ‘s a good amount of sweetness to it.

For the presentation, size, and taste of Casey’s Cupcake, it was all worth the $3.50. Well done, Casey. Well done.


  1. I feel the complete opposite as you. Sprinkles Cupcakes is at a completely different level. Sprinkles’ flavors are delicious and very unique from one another. Caseys’ frosting tastes like waxy lard and the cake has no specific flavor. I would find it difficult to tell each cupcake apart during a blindfolded taste test. One thing that sets Sprinkles apart is that they are constantly baking cupcakes on site for most of the day. Unfortunately, Casey’s has there cupcakes prepared offsite and shipped in daily at 5:30 am. That means their cupcakes taste worse as the day gets later. I work in Laguna Beach and agree with most of the locals who also dislike Caseys’ Cupcakes. Like the exterior attractiveness of the shop, the cupcakes are only pleasing to the eye and unfortunately not the taste buds. That is probably why the store went out of business.

    1. Hey Thomas!

      You definitely bring up some great points! My views on Casey’s has changed a lot since I last wrote that post. I wrote another post on them called “Casey’s Cupcakes Again” and it was more about a negative experience. Like you’ve mentioned, because Casey’s cupcakes are pre-made rather than at the store, the quality of the cupcakes go down throughout the day. The second time I tried it, it was definitely more on the dry side because it most likely was out there for awhile. It wasn’t as moist as a normal fresh cupcake should be! Definitely they’re presentation is deceiving to the eyes!

      After my second encounter with Casey’s, I decided that I’m pretty much back on the Sprinkles boat now!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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