To Label GMO Or Not To Label – That Is The Question

One of the controversial propositions out there to vote for on November 6th is Proposition 37. This proposition is focused on GMO which stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The main question about Prop 37 is: Should there be labeling of GMOs in the food we consume?

What’s GMO all about? Well, GMO basically means that the food we produce and eat are genetically altered. They are altered so that they have a longer shelf span or so that there’s higher level of vitamins. There are numerous reasons why they are altered but those are just a few examples. Because of GMO, this creates the food to be less organic due to its modifications.

Two main questions to ask yourself to determine where you stand on Prop 37 are:

  1. Do you care whether or not the food you eat has been altered and that it is not in its organic form due to GMO?
  2. As a taxpayer, are you willing to spend more to be informed through food labels that the food on the shelf has been genetically modified?

If you check out California’s Voter Information Guide online, it will lay out the facts on Proposition 37. Click on Voter’s Guide on Prop 37 under BlogRoll. Huffington Post has detailed information on Prop 37 that can help you determine how you should vote on Prop 37.  Click on Huffington Post: Propr 37 under Blogroll.

To label GMO or not to label. That is the question.

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