3 Reasons To Vote

Though it is too late to register to vote, it still doesn’t hurt to educate yourself why any American citizen should vote. Here are my reasons why every citizen in the United States of America should vote:

1. Civic Duty.
It is truly such a privilege to be a citizen here in the states where we have the freedom to voice our opinions by voting. Citizens in communist countries such as China, North Korea, and Vietnam have no voice. Their “freedom” is under the reign of their government. If we, American citizens, don’t vote, what makes us different from the communist countries? It is a given responsibility that a citizen should vote.

Some may think, “Well, my vote won’t count. I’m just one person. I won’t make a difference.” If a group of people do not vote due to whatever reason, it can certainly bring a negative impact on how our government moves.

A few years ago, I went to Washington DC with an organization called KCC (www.kccnk.org) to talk to Congressmen about passing an act in assisting North Korean refugees. I remember a Congressman saying, “Why should I sign this act if Koreans don’t vote?” The Congressman was obviously not very much pleased at how Koreans don’t vote which strayed him from supporting this act.

Imagine. If all 1 million+ Korean Americans vote, they can change the views of a Congressman. The Congressman can change the views of other politicians. With that, changes can be made. Lives can be changed. Sure, it’s a long process to see changes but hey, our country is big which means that it takes more time and people to be involved to make decisions and come to conclusions. But, it’s worth the wait to see the changes.

2. Voting Affects Everyone.
Voting affects everyone in every way possible. Voting determines where our tax money goes. It can go into the politicians’ pockets or back into our local community for infrastructure. Voting determines the accessibility of healthcare. Healthcare can be available to everyone or just certain groups depending on how you vote. Voting determines the preparation of your or your children’s future education. The cost and the quality of your or your children’s education is based on how you vote.

3. Rewards.
Voting is not that easy sometimes. As a result, a voter should treat themselves to some freebies. And, how can anyone say no to free food? Starbucks is giving away free tall coffee to those who show proof of voting. Check out Krispy Kreme also for a free donut. Make sure to wear your “I voted” sticker. I’m sure there are other places that will be giving out freebies. Possibly 7-11 or Ben and Jerry’s may give out freebies. They usually give out goodies on special occasions. Be on the look out!

Good luck to everyone who will be voting on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. May you vote wisely!

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
John F. Kennedy


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