Presidential Debate: Fact or Fiction

The final round of the Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy was heated as expected. Some say that both candidates won equally, but others say that Obama certainly won. According to NBC News, “An energized President Barack Obama took control of the conversation during his final debate with Mitt Romney, while the former Massachusetts governor played it safe.” Romney probably played it safe due to his lack of experience in dealing with foreign policy. President Barack Obama has more insight of what has been going on with the US policies and relations with foreign countries because of the simple fact that he is the Commander in Chief. Therefore, he may have been better at steering the debate towards his version of what is the current truth on foreign policies. wrote: “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory said that Obama seemed “determined to pick a fight” and Romney “surprisingly determined to avoid a fight, playing almost as if he was ahead, determined to sound more moderate, to disagree less with the president on foreign policy.” 

In Governor Romney’s case, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry.

After watching the 3 Presidential Debates and the Vice Presidential Debate, one of the biggest challenges a voter faces is the question, “Which candidate is telling the truth?” Watching the news or reading credible online resources will provide what is fact or fiction from the whole debate. If you go to, they provide you a thorough response of who is and isn’t telling the truth.

According to ABC 7 Los Angeles news, currently President Barrack Obama is in the lead.

There are 13 days left until Election Day. In the meantime, take the time to do your research on where you stand as a citizen. If you want to see change in your city, state, and in the country, then it starts with you taking the time to do the proper research to vote on whatever you believe. As cheesy as it may sound, Your Vote Counts.

If you already forgot, remember that Your Vote Counts. 

God bless America.

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