Oregon Trail – Back to SoCal

Our drive back to California was fun, tiring, adventurous, tiring again, and every other emotion you can imagine. Since we started driving around 7 or 8ish, it was already dark on the road. Like I mentioned before, the only lights that exist in Oregon are probably your headlights. Driving in the fog and in the snow was challenging but Dasom and I took it easy just to be safe. (Thanks Dasom for encouraging me to drive safely! No sarcasm intended.)

We wanted to take a picture with a sign that said, “Welcome to California!” or “Goodbye Oregon!” I don’t think we ended up seeing either of those signs. We were so attentive to the side of the road just so we could take a picture with it. Too bad it didn’t work out!

Majority of the time when were driving, there were no cars around us. We spontaneously decided to pull over to the right of the road and play in the snow! It was exciting and nerve wrecking to do that! We were confident that the snow was thick and sturdy, so we  took action to step on the foot of snow on the road. But once we stepped into the snow, we sunk in and screamed because it was unexpected that we would go deep down into the snow. Then we went ran across the freeway to see more snow and of course sunk into the snow again! Running across the freeway in the dark was scary but so much fun with all the adrenaline.

Again, we were back on the road! We pulled over to a gas station and found out that we were in a city called Weed. Who knew that a city named Weed existed! Dasom and I googled the city to learn more about it. I must say it was interesting because there’s Weed Elementary. Check out what Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weed,_California) has to share about the city! The picture below is similar to the one on Wikipedia. You can even see the gas station on Wikpedia!

At one point while Dasom was driving, I was asleep here and there a lot. Whenever I randomly woke up from my nap, I said to myself, “I got this. I’m awake. I’m awake! I’m a…..zzz…..” Dasom started to get tired as were getting closer to San Jose so I took the wheel and brought us safely back to San Jose around 6:30 in the morning. Praise God for making it alive! We arrived at Yesie’s place and knocked out.

Once we woke up in the afternoon, we were yet again home alone. We got ready for the day and packed our bags just in case we wanted to leave that day to head back to SoCal. Most of our friends were busy since they were working or had already made plans, so Dasom and I were left alone for our own adventure. We wanted to go to Honey Thai which my friend’s friend’s dad owns the restaurant. It got so many good reviews on Yelp and we were eager to check it out. But! They were closed when we wanted to go which was around 3PM. We Yelped another Thai restaurant and went to Siam Thai  instead in San Jose. It also had positive ratings. Thai food can never go wrong, well at least not yet. Dasom got the Drunken Noodles and I got the usual Pad Thai noodles. Everything was delicioso!

After our late lunch, of course Dasom and I didn’t have a plan of what to do next. We spontaneously decided to just go back to SoCal for home sweet home. On our way back down, Dasom said that there used to be a sign that said, “Puppies on Sale!” The last time she saw that, she pulled over and saw a box of puppies and was in love with them. So we were on the hunt to see puppies on sale as we were driving but ended up finding no puppies for sale on the road. On a brighter now, we saw a beautiful sunset.

Our 6 drive back to SoCal consisted of blasting to Kelly Clarkson and passionately singing to Celine Dion’s song. We definitely had a long kareoke session for free in the car and aced all the songs! Anyway, we were getting close to LA and that meant we were about an hour away from Orange County. I wasn’t ready to arrive to my destination yet. So I told Dasom that we should check out Diddy Riese! It was Dasom’s first time trying Diddy Rise and she definitely enjoyed it! We both got an ice cream sandwich and a dozen cookies all for less than about $5! They have good and very affordable cookies and ice cream!

Our ice cream sandwich energized us more and we were ready for that last hour to drive. We continued our karaoke session and next thing you know, we were at my house! We got to my place sometime after 11PM and unloaded my luggage from her car.

Afterwards, Dasom and I stood in front of my house and she said, “So…” and I responded, “Ok, see you later!” That was that of our road trip.

The end.

Actually, not the end just yet! Even though I’ve mentioned Dasom a lot in the past several posts, there’s still more to know about her! Here’s the Q&A from Dasom:

1. What’s your name?  The Psalm.
2. How do you know Tina? We met in Oregon.
3. What do you spend most of your time doing? Dreaming.
4. What are 3 random facts about yourself?  I enjoy reading, fluorescent-lit dinners, and short walks on the beach.

Officially, the end.

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