Oregon Trail – Off We Go!

On our way there, it was so beautiful! There was fresh snow on the side of the freeway and a clear view of some snowy mountains. We just could not get over the scenery of the snow and the beauty of Oregon.

Beautiful cloudy sky. Snow on the side. Mountain ahead of us.

Whenever you’re on a long road trip such as this, there’s always genuine and valuable conversations that come out of it. I definitely enjoyed talking to Dasom and singing in the car with her. At one point while I was driving, Dasom took initiative of booking a room for the night in Portland. That’s right, we were on our way to Oregon with no idea of where to sleep. Thank God for iPhones because Dasom had a hotel app. With that, we were able to book a cheap motel for a night.

Once we were (somewhere) in Oregon, we had to get gas. When we pulled over to the gas pump, an employee from the gas station came out of the store and started walking towards our car. I was starting to get scared as he was getting closer because it was late at night and I had no idea why he was walking towards us. Right when he got to our car, I remembered how my manager from work told me that in Oregon there is no self-service at gas stations! They pump the gas for you! Dasom asked if she should tip him and I told her no because that’s their job. She ended up giving him a dollar and he was super surprised because I don’t think anyone ever tips them.

Afterwards, we drove some more and then pulled over to Carl’s Jr to get a little grub. We didn’t really eat at Carl’s. Dasom got some fries there and hot water. The hot water was actually for our cup of ramen to eat in the car! We thought ahead about bringing cups of ramen to our trip. It definitely came in handy and saved us money. Since we had dinner, we had to get dessert! We randomly spotted a donut shop and had to check it out. It was called “The Jelly Donut” and they definitely had some interesting looking donuts.

Donut stop for dessert at The Jelly

The donuts.

Unfortunately, The Jelly Donut didn’t have any jelly donut and the donuts were not anything special. I got the blueberry donut because I was curious how different this blueberry donut would be from the Duffin. This Oregon blueberry donut from The Jelly Donut ended up being just ok. Dasom and I were quite upset that they were just less of an ordinary donut.

After an upset donut experience, we were back on the road to get to Portland. We were only a few hours or less away from Portland.

We finally got to our ghetto motel which we expected it to be ghetto around midnight. Before we knocked out, we were trying to figure out what we were trying to plan our schedule for the following day. Our plan was not to plan. Basically, be spontaneous.

Here are some pictures of the ghetto part of our experience. It’s actually not that ghetto. I just like to say ghetto because we stayed in a motel.

Dasom in the rain at our ghetto motel parking lot.

Our ghetto and messy room. Packing and getting ready to leave for an adventure.

Stay tuned to find out what we did the next day spontaneously!



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