Oregon Trail – First stop, NorCal.

Note to reader: Oregon Trail post will have several posts due to lengthiness of story.

Last weekend’s crispy, cold wind and today’s heavy pouring rain all reminded me of my road trip to Oregon in January with my friend Dasom. Our main goal was actually to get to Canada but Dasom couldn’t find her passport. So we decided to drive up to Seatle, Washington. Unfortunately, the weather condition there was not looking too good because of a snowstorm. So then, we had to go for Plan C which was Oregon. The day we wanted to leave for Oregon, there was heavy rain which made us question our road trip. We thought to ourselves, “Ok, we still have to go somewhere at least! We’ve been talking about this road trip for so long!” We finally decided, “Let’s go to NorCal at least!”

We left Orange County on a Sunday at 4:30 in the morning and got to San Jose in the afternoon. Then we went to Emmanuel church for Sunday service and to meet up with some old friends (Connie and Sarah). After service, we went to Honey Berry which is a hang out spot in San Jose if you want a plain yet sweet bread called Rotti Bun. We also had some brick toast with chocolate drizzled all over!  At Honey Berry, my friends (Yesie, joined us too!) and I all caught up since we had not seen each other for the longest time. Since we had dessert first, we had to get dinner next. For dinner, we just went to a Korean food court. There, we laughed some more and simply had a good time of fellowship with each other.

We departed after dinner where Dasom and I went to another Sunday service at night and met up with more friends (Michelle).

While we were in NorCal, our friends were asking us, “What are you guys planning to do after this?” We told them, “Um…not sure.” They laughed because they thought we were joking but we really didn’t have a plan. We just wanted to go to Oregon at some point, hopefully.

Sunday night, we slept over at Yesie’s house. The next morning, we woke up with no one in the house! Yesie’s family was out at work, school, or doing errands. As Dasom and I were getting ready for the day, we talked about how it would take about 12 hours to get to Portland from San Jose. I said to Dasom, “So if it takes 12 hours to get to Portland then we would get there by midnight. If we want to get there by midnight, then we should leave….now!” Quickly, we started packing. Next thing you know we were on a 12 hour drive to Oregon!


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