Photography Ain’t My Thing

Recently, my sister got a new digital camera. I wanted to use it and see how creative I could get from using it. But the thing is, I’m not an artsy type of a person at all. For me to be creative, it takes a lot of time and effort. When it comes to photography, the most creative I can get is with the help from Instagram. Yesterday, for once I was not going to depend my creativity on Instagram. I had my friend Andrea be my model for the day! I gave her a make-over yesterday, just hair and make-up.

After the make-over, we went to an open grass area by my house to take pictures. I had this vision to take pictures of her doing dance poses since we used to dance together. We took a bunch of dance poses, but the pictures were not what I expected. I was challenged by the sunlight and the lack of a pretty scenery. Here are a few photos that I thought looked dancey:

Once our dance pose session was completed, I wanted to try some head shots on her. Taking head shots was actually really fun. I basically improvised from the top of my head on how to take these head shots. I told her to sit this way and that way. Look here and there. This is how the photo shoot turned out.

If you think Andrea’s legs look unusual, don’t mind that. She’s just wearing tights! That was my first photo shoot ever. It was definitely fun working with Andrea since she was so cooperative. I definitely want to do more photo shoots for fun and try to improve on everything.

One last thing. I would like you to get to know my friend, Andrea! Here’s a little Q&A from her:

1. What’s your name? Andrea Ashcraft
2. How do you know Tina? Tina and I used to dance together at Irvine Dance Academy when we were younger and then became much closer when we both attended Irvine High School.
3. What do you spend most of your time doing? I spend about half of my time working (I have 2 jobs). The other half I would say is mainly spent at home doing everything from eating to Facebook to video/board games with my dad. I try my best to balance work and play — but it is a daily struggle.
4. What are 3 random facts about yourself? I love baking, no need for a special occasion. I am very OCD about my fingernails among other things. There is a 17 year gap between me and my next sibling.

 Alrighty, thanks for stopping by!

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